A little Sneak Peak!

We have been pleased to see how our initiatives have benefited the San Francisco community and ever since our establishment in 2000. Want to participate? Donate or volunteer today to support our efforts.

As we travel through life, it is really simple to develop a habit of complacency. Our group was established as a result of a determination to cease ignoring society’s pressing problems and confront them head-on. We’ve set out to help those who most need it. Poker Players Who Care is here to help, and we think that when we put our hearts and minds into something, change is achievable.

Our Vision

It is incredible how a simple notion may develop into something genuinely unique. The vision of PPWC is that each of us has an innate obligation to contribute significantly to our community. We utilize our abilities and assets by working on a number of ongoing initiatives and having a sizable volunteer team.

We are all set for an action-packed night. A fun activity that can really get people into donating and getting involved in a good cause is a charity poker night by PPWC!