Join the PPWC Movement. Raise Funds & Have Fun!!!

We invite you to join other people who have been motivated by the PPWC movement, whether you are a poker enthusiast, dealer, influencer, celebrity poker professional, attorney, potential sponsor, donor, or volunteer. Your contribution can help achieve a solution.

Who We Are

We come from all walks of life, but we share a common goal – to inspire people to fall in love with giving back. We do this by hosting fun events that raise money for worthy causes.

Our Mission

Friends having fun raising funds for philanthropy.

Where We Spend

We are a 100% volunteer organization designed to give the maximum amount to charitable causes. We directly help financially challenged families and individuals going through short-term financial crisises (such as losing a job, unexpected illness, etc.) to keep them from falling into poverty. We also give a portion of the funds we raise to other charities.

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